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Hooked On Nature® Photography  is a compilation of twenty-one years of wildlife and scenic imagery taken by professional photographers Tim and Barbara Scully. Whether they are photographing their subjects at home in Naples, Florida, exploring the huge network of National and State Parks and Refuges throughout this great country of ours, or devoting much of their valued time studying the natural habitat and wildlife of Newfoundland, Canada ....they always seem to capture Mother Nature in her finer moments.   






To understand the passion behind these two photographers, feel free to take a stroll through any one of their on-line galleries at your leisure. Their primary intent is to tell the story behind each image, an instant in time and space that can never be repeated. It is their hope that in their work, you just might hear the mountains move, the coyote howl or the wind carry that perfect harmony throughout the silent inclinations in all our minds.


The Primary to make their passion......yours!      


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