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Meet the Photographers

Tim and Barbara Scully, Professional Photographers

Hooked On Nature® Photography    

Tim and Barbara Scully have been searching for "perfect light" for almost twenty-one years now. With their Nikon cameras always at arm's length along with their natural abilities to seek out and compose all of which Nature has to offer, this team of professional photographers are as good as it gets.


Tim and Barbara call home Naples, Florida, but most of each year they live where ever their travels take them.


These two photographers entered the digital revolution in 2008 and never looked 



Tim Scully


Image courtesey of  Thomas D. Mangelsen

​back. Having amassed over one million images, it became a never ending process in choosing which images to showcase on this site or their many other endeavors.

Whether it be North America's wildlife, landscapes or even an abstract look at photography, these two will always prove to us all that there is beauty around every corner, in every nook and cranny or simply in plain-eye view.


Naples, Florida affords Tim and Barbara some of the most incredible photographic birding opportunities that include the near-by Everglades and many mainland and island locations most popular for both local and migratory subjects.


Tim and Barbara have taken their expertise to many of our National Parks and Refuges. Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are among their favorites. Not only is the birding excellent where ever they go, but the wildlife teems in abundance and the landscapes are the most breathtaking one could ever imagine. If you are looking for testimonials, take a tour through Tim and Barbara's wonderful image galleries found on this site. You will be amazed at the time and effort these two have taken to establish themselves as premier nature photographers. It is a lot of work, but they enjoy every minute of it. 


Among their many rewarding adventures, Newfounland, Canada was very high on that list. Here, in a highly extreme yet natural environment, Tim and Barbara researched and photographed some of the most inspiring vistas, beautiful landscapes, and amazing wildlife. Their five year mission included spectacular photography of enormous humpback whales, stately caribou bulls, colorful Atlantic puffin, and beautiful eider sea-ducks.


Though generally acknowledged by their peers as exceptional nature photographers, Tim and Barbara have earned international acclaim through awards 

Barbara Scully


Image courtesey of  Thomas D. Mangelsen

and special recognition at the “BG Wildlife Photography” competition (London, UK) and at “Nature’s Best International Photography Awards”  (Smithsonian, Washington, DC); and in 2007, this Team’s portfolio earned special recognition in a critical review during “Photography at the Summit” (Jackson Hole, WY), juried by world renowned wildlife photographer, Thomas D. Mangelsen, and William Allen, Editor-in Chief for National Geographic.

This is what Tim and Barbara love to do, traveling North America and photographing Nature's incredible palette of life. This is thier love and this is their passion.

They are "Hooked On Nature® !"     

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