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Kamera is Tim and Barbara's well-spoken and well-mannered nine year old Golden Retriever, Kamera has a B A. degree in Journalism from Midland College in Texas.


Kamera will report on her Blog every so often when she has the urge to write something of interest while traveling with Tim and Barbara. Unfortunately for her followers, Kamera can not think on an empty stomach.


September's Song

September 12, 2013

Mom and Dad just returned from Grand Teton National Park's elk alley, with smiles aglow. The early morning Reveille of bull elk in heat does not make a record platinum, yet it allows nature to be heard and understood.


Photography takes a back seat to the incredible wonders of nature. And if you listen close enough, every one of those photographs speaks and sings volumes of life and living.


I love my parent’s work. Every time they return home from the field, I sing my own song. A happy song, because I know I get to look at an assortment of images taken of Mother Nature herself not more than two hours prior. Today, those images are of a dominant Elk that struggles to persevere.


But more honestly, I sing the happy song simply because mom and dad are home, safe and sound.   




Lions, Kamera and Bears...Oh My !


August 28, 2013

Good morning everyone!  Kamera here...

Mom and Dad just went north in search of big moose today. Home alone again. Never the less, I ventured outside to snag a free copy of the Jackson Hole Daily from the local news stand and after reading the headlines, I was shocked to learn hunting bison on the National Elk Refuge is permitted. Poor difficult it must be to locate and shoot a bison. It is like shooting at a barn door from fifty yards away.


Anyway, I read that 399 (our infamous grizzly bear) and her three cubs were on the bison gut piles left by the hunters. Closest she's been to town ever. A boar grizzly was also spotted crossing the highway not more than a mile from Jackson's town limits. Every year it seems the grizz wander

closer to my little home here in town..


Not that I'm scared, I have my own camera set-up. I've never seen a bear except for on TV and sure would like to photograph one, especially one with three cubs of the year. I keep asking dad to take me along on their photo excursions. I think they shy from my company because I may come up with a wonderful photo of a bear or a moose or something, and win an international contest. 


Dogs are people too ya know. 


Upon further reading, it is reported a mountain lion was seen this week in the vicinity of south Jackson. Ever since I was a pup, I always had felinaphobia, the fear of cats. I think I will stay inside untill I hear anything new about the lion.


Nikon DSLR Camera Body


August 26, 2013

Good Day! 

Kamera here, reporting that mom and dad willl soon be adding to their arsenal the Nikon D800 DSLR Camera Body.


This camera will be primarily designated for landscape photography in anticipation of the forthcoming foliage seasons in both Grand Teton and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks.


And with out a doubt, taking beautiful, award winning images of......... photogenic me. They are very excited about the camera and it's abilities and I am excited for them and the wonderful self portraits I will be emailing to my doggy friends back in Naples, FL.


In a Rut !


August 22, 2013

Mom and Dad explained to me that the Park moose and elk go into a rut in a couple of weeks. And it lasts for about twenty-one days or so. To me, that is a long time to be "in the dumps."


Have to feel for my fellow four-leggeds though. I get into a rut when my parents don't return home for hours at a time while photographing in the field. You can only do so many crossword puzzles and read so many romance novels. It is always the cute short-haired terrier that gets the girl anyway, and it is getting old.  


As soon as I hear their vehicle pull into the drive and they open the door to our home, I feel like the luckiest dang pup in these darn parts.


Still.... I often wonder why the moose and elk get so down during this time of year.I heard it has to do with some kind of lovesick struggle over the same woman. Kind of childish if you ask me. 


I'll stick to reading romance novels. Thank You.


Love Kamera

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