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Tim & Barbara's whereabouts...

Present - September 12, 2013

Grand Teton National Park

Tim and Barbara are staying in Jackson Hole, WY utilizing that as their home base. From there, they will explore Grand Teton National Park and the adjacent areas in search of wildlife, including the infamous Grizzly Bear 399 and her cubs of the year (coys). Hawthorne and service berries, as well as choke cherry bushes are 70 percent mature and the bears (black and grizzly) have already began feeding on them, Moose are migrating to their fall habitat in preparation for the oncoming rut in a couple of weeks. The bulls look great and there are some cows with calves that should make for some interesting photography. 

September 13 - 27, 2013

Yellowstone National Park

Tim and Barbara will be in Yellowstone National Park during one of the most spectacular times of the year, the annual Elk rut. In and around the grassy meadows that contain the Madison River, Bull Elk will be battling for dominance over a harem of their female counterparts. Bugling and grunting shall become the staple of the day as well as into the night as these bulls physically challenge one another for ownership of the harem that can include as little as a few cows to as many as thirty plus cows. Tim amd Barbara will also be scoping out the Big Horn Sheep population in the northwest quadrant of the park in anticipation of the big rams gathering for their own rut that takes place in mid to late November. Bears and other wildlife will also be on their photographic agenda. Landscapes will fill the voids as Yellowstone provides infinite photographic opportunities of this medium.

September 28 - October 11, 2013

Grand Teton National Park

It is back to Grand Teton National Park where the fall foliage wil be in its prime. Tim and Barbara will concentrate on their consistantly amazing landscapes and panoramas of this area of the country. Bears, both black and grizzly, will still be foraging on berries lavished in a sea of fall colors. Moose will be in rut and found in the river bottoms also enveloped in the fall foliage, mainly due to the willows, cottonwoods and aspens that populate the river banks of the park. It will be a time for all animals to begin their final preparation for winter, gathering food caches and gorging on as much nourishment as possible knowing that colder days and nights are not far ahead. Energy preservation is a must, yet the battlement over sexual dominace in Elk, Moose and Big Horn Sheep populations weaken many an animal providing the carnivores of the park their own source of an easy meal as they too, get ready for the bitter cold months.    

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October 18 - November 10, 2013

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

On these dates, Tim and Barbara will be exploring Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited national park in the United States. The fall color, being that the park is located in the southern states, arrive a bit later than it did where they just came from (Grand Teton National Park). The forests are much different than those found in Wyoming. They contain Maples, Poplars, Birches, Oaks, Chestnuts, Elms, Dogwoods, Sasaphras' and many more varieties of trees that provide a rainbow of colors matched only by similar ecosystems found elsewhhere in the country. Streams meander throughout the park creating many water falls and reflection pools that add to the available photographic ops. The wildlife of the park is flooded with healthy populations of black bear, white-tail deer, turkey and a wide selection of birds indigenous to the park. A wonderful place to be during this time of the year.     

November 15, 2013

Naples, Florida

Tim and Barbara will head on home to Naples, Florida where they will evaluate and prepare the images they have taken over the past year. Birding photography will intervene when it is time to take a break and relax from staring at the computer for hours at a time. A trip to the Everglades is never out of the question as well as the many other spectacular birding habitats across the state. During this time, they shall contemplate and schedule next year's travels and will include those dates on this page when they are set in stone.    


Where are Tim and Barbara?

Stay tuned for the upcoming itinerary for 2014 of professional photographers Tim and Barbara Scully. They have a bucket list a mile long, and have no plans at this time how to attack this list for the new year. They are just happy to be doing what they do best, enjoying and capturing Mother Nature in her most seductive poses. 

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